About us.

A letter from the author

I’ve been built some framework that saves efforts by removing duplications between the front and the back for years. From the previous Python solution JSONClasses to this Teo framework. It hasn’t been so clear like now. I’d like to share this great work with you all, so that you can code with this great tool as easy and fast as me. Although Teo is at the beginning, I will continue to support and invest in this project to continuingly make it great for any developers who need this.
I’m the main framework developer, documentation author, and website designer of Teo. But what I can do is far beyond this. In the future, users of Teo can deploy and test apps by deploying to our cloud with a simple click from the editor. I plan to develop desktop and tablet apps which is called ‘Data Browser’. With it, you can browse your database data and try to write and send API requests to your server. It will be built with native techs like SwiftUI and WinUI 3. The user experience will be amazing and it will be free for personal developers and projects.
I’m really hoping you to use Teo, to submit issues and give us advices. I will hire more great developers to support things that you need. Please support us. Thanks sincerely.
Victor Teo
Founder of TEO
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